What Do You Need to Know About the Different Types of Yoga Classes?

When I decided to sign up for yoga classes I had no idea there were so many different types of classes offered. In fact, I was rather embarrassed when the instructor I was talking to asked me what kind of yoga I was interested in and I had no idea what to say to her. What types of classes are out there and which one is right for you?The variety of yoga classes available nowadays is endless, especially now that yoga instructors have taken to combining various methods of yoga into their own personal style. That being said, there are a few more popular yoga methods taught at most of the yoga studios today. These include Bikram, power yoga, restorative, yoga and yoga.• If you want an intensive yoga experience that incorporates a comprehensive yoga workout with a yoga studio heated up to 105 degrees than Bikram is probably what you’re looking for. This method of yoga promotes flexibility, strength, endurance, weight loss and body detoxification.• Power yoga is a recently-developed yoga method that was established in the United States. It is an intense yoga workout that focuses on fast-paced, advanced yoga poses meant to build power and work your body harder.• If you want a relaxing yoga experience then restorative yoga classes might be what you’re after. This yoga method incorporates blankets, blocks and yoga bolsters into the class and focuses on relaxation rather than an intensive workout.• Anada is great for those who are interested in meditation. This method of yoga focuses on the movement of energy and the alignment of the body. If you are more interested in the mental benefits of yoga than the physical, Anada classes are probably your best bet.• If you are restricted by age or a previous injury then Iyengar will be gentle enough for your needs. These yoga classes incorporate blankets, cushions and straps into the poses to make them easier to accomplish.• If you have a specific goal in mind then you might want to look at tailored yoga classes such as those geared towards couples, pregnant women or individuals seeking weight loss solutions. These classes often incorporate a mixture of styles to achieve the goals of the students.Not all yoga classes are created equal and if you want to find the class that’s right for you then you need to understand the differences between them. Check with your local studio to find out what types of classes are being offered and talk to the instructor about which types of classes you are most interested in.

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